Another achievement

I've too many things to write about, but the first thing I want to write down today is that I finished the first year of University... I did it! It was not easy to study while working, raising a teen, taking care of the house, etc etc etc but what a pleasure to get it done, proud of myself! Now I have 3 months of vacations of study but guess what? I'll join some courses :) 


Just for the record, I orderer contact lens from the site because they are cheaper than buying it from the store I usually buy my lens. Plus they offer free delivery. It says I will get it in 5 days, which I don't care if it takes longer because I still have a pair of lens in stock. If their service is good then I'll start to order my lens with them. Last month I bought lens in the store and I pay them $2000. This site offers me the same lens for $1313. A big difference on prices. 

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I failed again on updating my journal. The last 2 weeks I was soooo bloody busy, and it seems this will be my day by day until January.

The girl coworker who was sick came back to work, worked 2 or 3 days, felt worse and had to go back to medical rest. For the 3rd time she told boss she will quit and this time boss accepted her resignation, but the girl is taking first her medical rest that noone knows how long it is going to last, not even doctor knows. Meanwhile I had to go to the office every day to help my other coworker and boss with the tasks that the other woman was doing.
The mess that we found was bigger than we imagined, and she was behind with all her tasks. I can't believe it. I had to organized tasks and work hard to get things done. I talked to sales manager and I let him know how busy I am now, and I told him that he will need to take care of sales tasks by himself. He said "ok fine" then he organized trips for himself for the next month and told me that if a seller has any urgency I have to take care of it because he will be only avaible at night when he comes back to the hotel. I'm waiting for boss's daughter comes to our city to have a meeting and bitch about this.

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Michael's birthday

It's Mike's birthday and of course I was the first person to saludate him, yea! He don't celebrate it but I like to spoil him a little. He didn't feel very good today because his toe was hurting and he also got headache and was about to take a nap after he got home when Amazon delivery arrived to his house.

He said, Nat you send me the Vegeta? to what I replied "idk, did I?", but he found the note under the packaging with the special note I wrote for him and I could not play the fool about it. He said thanks many times. He liked it (he spotted it in an Anime store, in Florida last vacations) and I hope it cheered him up a little.

So there is the Vegeta, a Banpresto figure which is very nice.

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The weather is not helping me to eat healthy. It's too cold to eat salads and fruits. Lately I am eating pure carbohydrate. I was afraid to weight myself but today I did. What a joy to see that I didn't gain weight at all!

But I don't think I will always be so lucky so better I try to go back to healthy food. Last week I started workout again. I do squats with 8kg weight and a lot of exercises for low body using resistance bands. Exercising makes me feel soooo goooooood!

Michael is doing well to, kinda slow but he lost many pounds and he keep going. The bad is that always he tries to do some exercises his knee or his toe will bother him. He needs a little more of motivation but I like that since we met, he is taking care of himself :)



If I was very busy with work and study, I'll be more busy from now. One of my girl coworkers, the one who is always in panic and everything is a drama for her, quits job. Although it's the 3rd time she says she will quit, this time is real. She has been sick for long and she needs take care of her health. This means that I'll have to go to the new office very often to do her work while my boss hires a new person. 

I was already busy organizing other areas of the company and getting things ready for our annual sales meeting. I also should do a trip before Christmas to continue the training of one coworker who is working at the local office in Neuquen.

I'll ask my boss to tell sales manager to cover me with quotes and other basic tasks that he can do by himself. Oh well, it seems we got another good reason to keep my salary raising :)


Long weekend

I had Saturday and today free because holidays, it was so good to get some time to relax! 

There are some things I did:

  • homework
  • I drank a lot of coffee
  • watched the last episode of The Good Place show
  • read many chapters of The Alienist (this book got great)
  • I played Lineage II with Michael few hours
  • I cooked blueberries pancakes
  • Had dinner with mom on Sunday
  • got enough sleep 
  • I ordered something from Amazon for Michael's birthday
  • I tidied up the house

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Why it's so hard to interact with other humans? 

A very old friend of mine is back to the town because work. I met him like 15 years ago, maybe more. He was a customer of a place I worked as cashier, we used to drink coffee and talk every day while I was at work. I had boyfriend who worked there wih me. This guy was very respectful and nice and it was a nice friendship.

After I quit that job we kept in touch in facebook, and we played some games together for a while. 6 years ago I got him in the street and invited him to have a coffee before he leaves the city to move toother city where his girlfriend lived.

Now he is back to the town, and 2 weekends ago he came home to drink coffee and catch up with me. I knew he has a daughter with his girlfriend, and she also has another kid from a previous boyfriend. I was happy to see him again, and didn't mind to invite him to home because he is very respectful and he has couple.

That day I learned they don't live together because the girl was not sure to keep going with the relationship. He left her and their daughter and move back here to get a better job. We had coffee then I cooked a pizza and we keep talking until it was very late, maybe 3 or 4 am when he left.

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Track shows

Few days ago I was looking for a website to can track the movies and shows I've watched, because I changed Netflix account few times and I lost the track of everything. I also watched some series in some websites and I forgot what I've watched, mostly because I watch shows and movies time to time and no very often.

I tested 3 sites: 

  • very basic, I didn't like it, it doesn't even have any stats
  • I can track movies and shows, but I don't like that they make you pay if you want to see any stat. 
  • I can only track shows there, and the design really sucks. The stats are better than the other sites though.

Is there any other site that you guys can suggest me?