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Vacations: day 2 - Orlando FL

I woke up before noon, I had coffee then I started to open all the stuff I orderer last weeks: coffee, stationery stuff, a tablet pen, make up, a ring led light (and I will write some reviews later).

After Mike got up, and I did my make up, we went to Barnes and Noble to buy some books to read on the pool and beach. I think we spent 2 hours there. Mike and I usually read the same books. This is one of the things we love to share, reading the same book then discussing what's going on or trying to guess how the story will end. So, being agree about what books we will read is not so easy, mostly because I always have hard time to make my choices in everything. Mike will pick few books, come to me and ask me to choose which one I want to read, then I will say "I don't know, you can choose" and continue looking around. He will push me to pick one, I'll keep telling him to do it, until I get mad at myself not for being able to decide and finally I'll pick a book. The problem for me to decide is that I am afraid to pick a book that maybe was not the one he wanted me to pick... now that I think about that, it's stupid. If he comes with 2 books for me to pick 1, it supossed that those are books he would like to read, right?
Anyways he chose the books "Subliminal: how your unconscious mind rules your behavior" and "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" then we both chose "American predator". From a table where they were selling books 2 x 1, I chose "The Alienist", "The bone keeper" and "The hot zone" so yeah we bought 12 books because we got 2 copies of each one. I also got myself another Leuchtturm1917 notebook for journaling. 

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The subtle art of not giving a fuck

Last weekend I finished to read this book. Michael bought it thinking it was some kind of book which will teach you how to be an ass to people and not care (very noble reason lol) but it's not about that. 

My thoughts after reading the first chapters was "a vulgar boy writing something obvious: it doesn't worth to care about every single thing" but there was more than that. While a lot of books will tell you that the secret to get a better life is to keep trying, to repeat yourself positive words every morning and build a huge self-confidence, that if you try hard you will get whatever you want, this book is the opposite of that. It will hurt your ego and give you a dose of realism and tell you the things that you don't like to hear. Many of those things we already knew, but this man will make you look deeper.

This is a book to read with open mind trying to see what the writer wanted to show you, otherwise you will think that this is a book for loosers to justify themlseves. I found it very useful and for sure I'll read it again in the future. 

The subtle art of not giving a fuck + The power of now, very good combo to improve your life.


My Bullet Journal

I want to continue writing about vacations but as usual, I got very busy with university and work. This entry is just for statistics.
This morning one of the big Instagram accounts of the bullet journal community has shared one of the pages of my journal, and bloom! my account got many new followers and a lot of likes. My post in their account got almost 1000 likes in just 1 day, and is not even my best art work. The same post in my account has only 70 likes because of course, I don't have 133k followers has they do, but who cares? I'm so grateful for the diffusion.

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Florida 2019 - vacations

Miami airport
Miami airport

The reason why I came back to LJ few weeks ago then I disappeared again is because I was on vacations. I went to Florida with Michael.  This time I changed from LAN to American Airlines, I don't regreat at all. It was a flight with stop in Miami, and bigger plane, so double yeah! The good about stopping at Miami is that I did enter to U.S. in that airport. It was early at morning, and there were not much people going through Customs. Add another Yeah! The bad thing is that I lost the connecting flight, because after going through Customs I had to pick my luggage then go to the airline desk and drop the luggage again. I had to wait 3 hours for the next flight to Orlando. That didn't bother me because if I didn't lose that flight I was going to arrive at 11 am then wait for Michael to get the airport 3-4 hours later. Now I was not sure who was going to arrive first. He said he was still driving, ETA at 3 pm. I got Orlando around 2:30pm. Good thing, I didn't have to go through Customs again becuse it was now a domestic flight. That gave me time to go to the restroom, wash my face, my teeth, change my clothes and do my makeup. After that I went outside the terminal to wait for Michael, so he could pick me there. 

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August - books I've read

Inferno — Dan Brown: I liked this books far more than the previous one I've read, Origin. Inferno got me stucked reading for hours. At the beginning I thought the plot was very obvious and I was afraid to get disappointed again with this writer , but that didn't happens. Always i was almost sure of what was going on, the plot changed and turned out in a way I could not predict. I enjoyed all the references about Italian art and history.  Now I want to read Divine Comedy by Dante Alihuieri... of course.

American Predator — Maureen Callahan: this is a true crime story about an American serial killer.  Despite the chilling murders committed by this man I found it engrossing. I'm always so curious about how the mind of this kind of people works. After reading all the U.S. states this man has been killing people I asked to Mike if he realised he could have been his victim! 

Capital Humano
Habilidades gerenciales — iEco:  just some books about managment that I'm reading.

I'm about to finish "The subtle art of not giving a fuck" then I think I'll start with "The hot zone". I'm also reading "The power of now".



Aeroparque Metropolitano Jorge Newbery
Aeroparque Metropolitano Jorge Newbery
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Update: work II

The new office opened last week of April. By that time, boss had fired 1 girl, hired another one, tested 2 people who finally didn't join us and 3 coworkers had quit the company. The girl that boss hired seems a nice person, but I call her "panic girl" because she is very dramatic, always stressed, taking her head in her hands, breaking into tears and exclaming "I want to die" as a way to show how catastrophic every situation is for her...oh dear

Another girl joined us. She's from Venezuela and I like her. First of all she has knowledge, predisposition for work and common sense. Everything I taught her, she learns fast. And the rhythm of her voice is cheerful and smiling. Finally someone with whom is not depressing to work! Boss and the girls are working in the new office, and the first weeks I went there 2 to 3 times at week to help and train the girls in their tasks. Boss was surprised to see all what I know about the company, and how different my attitude is now. I told her that I had very hard time all those years working in the office with an agressive person (superman boy) and with an obsessive one (smelly boy). 

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Update: work I

Let's start with an update about my work, that's the main reason why I was so busy lately. Last year, after I came back from vacations, I was decided to look for a new job. I was tired to work in a company where people don't do their job and the company nor the employees grow, tired of obsessive and pedantic coworkers, tired of doing other people job but not earning money for that, etc etc. I updated my resume and started to see job offers. 

In December I took another week off (I have 3 weeks vacations for year) then before I left we had a meeting with my boss where she told me that she was going to move administrative and sales department to a new office in another city, and she told me to think what I want to do, if to work in that new place or to look for a new job. That was unexpected. I wanted to change work yes, but having the peace of mind of being able to find a new job while earning money working here. The new place is far away from home and to go there I have to get a very crowded train and 2 subways... is like 1:30 hours trip. In the other hand, if I didn't accept I had to quit, and this mean not to get any money compensation... an indirect way to fire me????? 

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Hello :)

It has been a long time since I wrote in this journal, many things have happened. Probably the main reason why I stopped writing is because I didn't have enough time to read other people journals and leave comments in their entries, and I don't want to be that kind of journalist who wants to have readers but doesn't interact with them. Another reason is that my English is still very basic so it's take me time to read and write. 

Anyways, how's everybody doing? I got few messages/emails from some of you guys and this is why I'm here to let you know I'm fine. Thanks so much for caring! Probably I'll write some entries to update how things were going this last year.

Unexpected gift

Michael surprised me with an early birthday gift... 26 days before my bday! It's a new monitor for my computer, Samsung 24" curve. I got it on Wednesday, I love it! 

He wanted to give me a laptop but of course everything in my country is at least 35% more expensive than in U.S. so he could not afford it now. I don't mind, right now for me the monitor is more helpful than a laptop because I was using a LG 19" which is very small for designing. 

He's being so sweet lately, I can't complain... well, I always can complain if I really want to do it lol!

The Bulletproof Coffee

I got another great excuse to feed my caffeine addiction: the bulletproof coffee.

I was researching about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and biohacking when I read about that coffee. If you want to know what is that about, here you have:

It’s a high-performance drink that has a massive impact on your energy and cognitive function.
Starting your day with cereal, granola, oatmeal, toast, fruit, or another carb-heavy breakfast staple spikes your blood sugar. You’ll get a quick burst of energy, but by mid-morning your blood sugar will crash, and you’ll be hungry, tired, and unfocused.
Starting your day with Bulletproof Coffee, on the other hand, gives you three things:
Suppressed hunger. Brain Octane Oil balances ghrelin and CCK, your hunger hormones, keeping you full until lunch. You can read more about the science behind BP Coffee and hunger suppression here.
Steady lasting energy. The saturated fat in grass-fed butter slows the absorption of caffeine, which gives you even energy for several hours instead of a caffeine spike and crash. No jitters, either.
Mental clarity. Brain Octane rapidly converts to ketones, a type of molecule that your brain uses more efficiently than carbs or sugar. Pair ketones with the slowly releasing caffeine and you can literally feel your brain turning on.

More info here https://blog.bulletproof.com/how-to-make-your-coffee-bulletproof-and-your-morning-too/

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The last month has been exhausting and stressful. I got a new apartment to move in, a little cheaper than what I should pay to stay here. The new place is few blocks away from here so that's good. I think I'll be moving in 10 days. I didn't pack anything yet...

I am always tired and sleepy. Legs and arms tired and some sore. Why? I don't know. Probably because I am usually sleeping only 4 hours maybe 5 but hardly ever more than that. Sitting all day long at the computer is not helping at all.

On my work things sucks as usual. My coworker is still annoying with all his noises, comming to the office 30 minutes early to do nothing but curse and complain. The less he does the more money he earn, really I don't understand how the brain of my boss works if it even works. She is about to fire the other girl who works here. I lost all the interest in this job so I am doing only and exclusively the tasks they pay me to do. The last days I had to work dealing with a lot of bees inside my office, without water in the toilette every morning, bad internet connection, grumpy people and of course, the one who smells like dirty ass. 

I sold another website and I am earning some money with designs works so I'll be able to move to the other apartment without incurring debts. 

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Today I had another crisis... well lately I have crisis everyday. The crisis was not because Michael but I was trying to explain to him how I feel, so I wrote in English and googled it to see if those words makes sense or not. I always do it when I am not sure how to write something, there are a lot of Spanish phrases which mean nothing when you translate it to English. 

Googled translated it like "highly sensitive person" and also, to my surprise, I got a lot of articles about how to deal and live with this. It's not me trying to get something wrong to feel a victim and feel sorry of myself, but I need to find what is wrong with me to can work on it and fix this shit. So I read the characteristics of the HSP person and I have at least 90% of them. It's not a mental illness but a trait and there is no point to fight against it, they talk about to learn to deal with it. I'll try to get a diagnostic anyway, if I don't get the way to fix this shit I'll lose my mind. 


The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Yesterday was a day of self-reflection where I  could learn some reasons of why I always get sentimental involved with some kind of men. It's interesting, I need to think more about this to get a way to stop it. 

Another thing I need to think about is what kind of person I want to get, and what I am able to do to get him (actually nothing, just waiting he find me). I will try to leave my comfort zone where I am stucked at right now, and this mean to knock down certain prejudices I have and to write new info in my mind. Anyways there is another question to ask myself first: how much it matter to me to get a partner right now? Is this a priority? My mind won't be happy with all this extra work I am putting on it...oh well


Fuck me up, it's free

I am so tired to deal with all the shit I deal. Everyone fuck me up, everything is a problem. This shit never changes. The health insurance company said that the plan I contrat has extra charges, "copay". BULLSHIT! the email that the agent seller sent to me says very clear that the plan as NOT copay, then the paper that he left to me which it supposedly a copy of the paper that I signed say that not extra charges will be applied. Then I called to the company and told them that, the guy who answered my call said that the paper that I've signed says it's a copay plan.

So are you saying to me that you made me sign a paper whit different information that the paper that your people left to me???? that is a fucking fraud. He said there is nothing he can do and I have to talk to the person who sold me the insurance. And for sure they will care only about the paper which has my signature. And the worse is that I can not even change to other health company until April. I am tired of this, too many things to deal with alone, too much to hold, too much to take care of. If something else happens to me i'll kill myself


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