_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Lima - Peru

I arrived at Lima Airport, Peru. The flight was fine, the plain moved more than the last time because the weather.
I didnt like the breakfast so I had a latte.
It is cloudy and foggy so I slept since I couldnt see nice clouds. Everything was grey.
This is the hard part of the trip. I have 8 hours flighting and the plane isnt very comfortable. I hope dont get annoying people in the seat next to me.
Before took the first plane Mike messaged me that something was wrong with his car. 30 min later he told me he was driving again. I dont get any message after it, I hope he be ok in the hotel.

There are some pics of Lima Airport that I took, some militar airplanes and the view of the city

Tags: flight, holidays
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