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Lunch time

I went for a walk in my lunch time, that is a way to do LISS since Tuesday and Thursday, when I have to do LISS, I go to English Institute and I get home 9 pm, late to do exercise. I didn't walk so much, just 3 km because here is not nice to walk around. ermm.gif

The weather is great, it's sunny and it's 73º , and plants are blooming. There some flowers I got in my way.

In this place there is some Eucalyptus trees, it smell very good

A nursery garden where you can get a lot of mini-cactus and azaleas 1f63b.png

A very ugly park but there is a pokestop

As you can see the sidewalks are ruined, that is what I don't like in this place and why I don't wear high heel shoes.
I caught 2 pokémons in my way. Now I'm again in the office without natural light, as slave. 
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