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After leave Hogsmeade we walked to the entrance. I went to Beety Boop shop, they have adorable shirts but very expensive if we considerer that all are Made in China animated-smileys-rolleyes-08.gif In other store we tried some hats. I made Mike try a Minion hat, banana hat and Bob Sponge hat and ofc I took pics of him happy0196.gif He made me try a Minion hat and this is how we look

There in other store they sell Wine Spinners that are really nice, but the price was crazy. They want 30usd for each part of the spinner... so for have a nice one u need spend at least 120 usd on this. I recorded a video

After it we went back to the hotel but we ordered more chicken in Buffalo Wild Wings. I took a pic which captures the American's spirit ... big flag, sport, fast (fat) food and beer happy0196.gif

Tags: florida, holidays, orlando, photos, universal studios
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