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Beach Day

Today we woke up a little more early, but as usual we take our time to be lazy, caress, kisses, sex, and shower. When we ready we decide go to beach. I choose Clearwater Beach, best beach ever I've seen... love it!!!!! Took like 2 hours get the beach but it worth.
We stopped in CVS to buy some beach towels, drinks and sunscreen then we went to the beach.
As its name suggests, the weater is very very clear and warn, no waves and the sand is white. There are just few people, something that make me love more this place.

We took a place in the sand for our things then went into the water. We had a lot of fun together doing stupid games, and the funny thing was when some seagulls stole the bread i had in my bag!!!! A man who was near our stuff tried to drive away the seagulls but they are expert thieves so I lost my delicious pizza bread happy0196.gif
After a long time inside the water we went out and lay in the towels. Mike made me try a Bud Light Beer with lime... I don't like beer at all but it was very good! I drank it all. We took pics of us

Then a stupid storm ruined our beach day 128fs4765852.gif

We had to ran back to the car and we went to Kissimee again. But in the way we stop in Buffalo Wild Wings to buy the Mike's fav chicken. He chose for me Honey BBQ sauce and we bought french fries.. i loved it .. I will get fat if we keep eating in this way!

And ofc we eat it watching Sillicon Valley, that serie is genial, Mike laugh so much watching it and I love when he is relaxed and happy

After it well... i keep some details in private posts blush.gif
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