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Celebration, Orlando - Florida - Our hotel

I looked for hotels before go to Orlando in the website booking.com but we didn't book online any hotel. I thought we were going to lose some hours for get one but it didn't happens.
We left the airport then Mike wrote some address in his GPS and started to drive. I was still nervous but trying to look everything around. I didn't take any pic the first day because all my attention was on Mike.

We went to Celebration and he stopped in a hotel called Vacation Village at Parkway. We walked into reception, there was few people before us and many kids around. My first impression was that the place will be not nice and noisy with all these kids.

We didn't talk so much while we waiting and I was feeling a little uncomfortable because I didn't know how to act. Then Mike started to joke and talk with some people who was around us and also he hug me. I was surprised about how social he is, funny and kind. Always he made a joke to other people, they laugh and talk to him. This in contrast with how irritating he seems always online
After wait mmm 20-30 minutes an employeer attended to us and Mike said that he booked a room online. He didn't told me nothing about it!!! The employeer couldn't find his reservation so it took another 30 minutes to we can check into the hotel Ater this they sent us to talk with other employeer who asked us some things like my name... that he couldn't understand so Mike told him "write just Nat". So we was Michael and Nat Hxxx and married.. what an irony!!!!! lol Finally they let us go to the room. We walked to the car, to pick our luggage I thought but no... Mike started to drive again 291.gif

Few blocks beyond we stopped in a building where our room was. We pick our luggage then we went into the building. Our room was like a small flat and all for us!
Here some pics of the room 12505B that I took the second day

I love this hotel! Mike did a good job booking it.
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