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Meeting Mike <3

After left U.S. Customs I ran to the first restroom that I found and changed my clothes. When I left my country it was very cold, but in U.S. it is summer and hot. So I changed my jeans and shirt for a dress. If my make up, hair and face looked great when I left home, after 18 hours waiting, flighting and suffering in the Customs without sleep I don't feel nice or sexy at all. I felt a mess...

I went to the central hall of the Airport and started to look for Michael...it supposed that he arrive 2 hours before me, but no signal of him at all. My damn phone couldn't get wi-fi (well..actually was me who didn't know that for it works I need open the browser and accept some Terms and Conditions)

I had to buy a Prepaid Phone Card to call Mike and after few minutes trying to understand where he was I see him while we was talking I got so nervous!! There was him looking in all the directions trying to find me. Then I walked toward him and say Hello! so ashame that I almost could not look into his eyes. I tried to explain to him about the issue in the Customs and he was laughing then he asked me if I was going to hug him or not!
More than one year waiting that moment.. was so special! Feeling his body close to me, hugging him, looking his beautiful blue eyes. We felt so nervous! I'm sure both were afraid of not liking each other.
We walked to the parking lot... well Mike didn't remember where he left the car so it took several minutes happy0196.gif
I think we were going to see hotels to get a room but he already knew where we were going to stay.
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