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Beach day!

 Since we woke up early, we decided to go to the beach. The weather is great since we arrived to Florida, always warm and no rain at all. 
We went again to Clearwater, it's like 2 hours driving, maybe more, not sure, but traffic wasn't so bad.This time Mike took another road to go there.

Some ships

I was wondering if there are any bus service and how it looks when we saw one, they look very different than here

The entrance of a beach next to the one that we were

This time the beach was more crowd than 2 days ago, I guess this is because we got there earlier. We put our towels on the sand and lie down, and guess what? Mike fell asleep 

I let him sleep a little while I was reading my book, then we went to the water. Again it was cold but I forced Mike to stay more time inside, what is the point to go to the beach if you won't swim??!!
After it we walked to a store next to the beach but we didn't like nothing there to eat. We were sunbathing again when I saw a pirate ship in the water. 

Mike told me that is the ship they used to film Pirates of the Caribbean... of course I didn't believe it! He's always tryng to trick me and always fails but we have fun in this way.
After we left the beach we started to drive back to Kissimmee but we stopped twice. One of them I can't give details here but now in our to-do list we have 1 less thing left   .

This is a pic I took in that place, the ocean is on the side of the road

The second time we stopped at some store wich sell stuff for offices. We picked 2 folders for our cards, Mike chose one blue and I chose purple. They are perfect for cards because are 3" for 650 sheets. We bought also some Sharpie markers wich I wanted, pens and paper.

Since we still have pizza we didn't need buy food today. So we went back to the hotel and we played cards. My deck is done finally! and isn't so bad how I expected, infact I'm beating Mike muahahaha 

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