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 As I wanted, I cleaned the house... it make me so happy. After a shooting shower I've written an email to my client to show and explain all that I did in the website. I hope, wish, pray he likes it. 

Something that I LOVE about being independent is that I don't need to go to anywhere for days like Easter. My mom and sister were in their department, 4 floor upstair, but there wasn't need to go to share lunch or spend time together. I'm not the kind of person who go forced to meetings then run back home to write shit in my journal. I'm in this way since always, even when I was married. Sometimes I just didn't feel sharing a day with my or his family, then I stayed at home and nobody feel offended. 

So, today, the last day of my 3 days off, I had a good day. Everything is clean, I'm cooking a salad with many vegetals for tomorrow, and now I'm ready to start another design. I won't have dinner because for lunch I ate pizza then I don't feel hungry. Maybe I will have yogurt and fruits, or coffee.

I've to do my nails. The last nailpolish I used is awesome. I love the color, and how long it stay on my nails. I bought it on Walmart and I'm sure it cost less than 2 usd. The color is lovely, even Mike likes so much this pink.


Maybe I should do a list with nailpolish to remember wich colors I like and wich brands are good/bad.

Btw... I got some chocolate eggs... people wants me fat!!! Every Easter is the same... I got so much chocolate that I have for the whole week 

Ferrero Rocher egg

Handmade egg

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