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13 Reasons why...

 They shouldn't make that serie, and I shouldn't watch this, but now I can't stop. I just watched 4 episodes so far but there is so much I can see that people think hasn't consequences. But they never know if they are hurting so much. When something affect you, you will always get someone who will tell you "you are overacting" "you are so sensible" "You care so much for something that's not a big deal" "there are people who live worse things, stop being a baby" 

That stupid Alex's list is so annoying, and isn't the only thing what some people hold. We have to hold a lot of things that men believe should make us feel flattered but just make us feel harassed. And if you complain about that they call you hysteric, bitch, whore, frigid, or they ask you if you are in ur period. Do you think that just a teen live that shit? There are adult men who take pics with their phones of girls boobs when they are in the bus, I saw that sick shit so many times. Fucking technology. How many women are in the phone of someone who they don't even know just because a man liked her butt or her tits? My fucking coworker takes pics of me when I'm not paying attention, and I can't stop asking myself why he will want a pic of me in his phone? for what? he spends with me 58 hours at week, why he needs pics (yes more than 1) of me.
If I start writing here all the shit I see and I hold every fucking day you will say that I'm obsessed... let me tell you: you made me obssesed. 

And when you got hurted so much for people who don't fucking use their brain before act or before talk, you can't watch this serie without feel that you know the feeling of that girl. And you will want stop the pain, and you will want make justice by urself, but the price that you will pay is so high....
Stoping the pain, making people pay for what they made to you.... so tempting. What else you can do? you born like a "sensible" person! (or maybe they born like fuckers person) and you tried to be strong, but one day you just get tired... you know that there is a way to take the control, to don't let they hurt you again... the only reason why I'm still here is because they dont worth the price that I should pay, and prolly anyway they will continue acting without think first.

I should stop watching this serie now. I'm so fucking upset
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