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After got home I had to research about the test I did today, I don't usually believe in those things but it surprise me how good it described me. So I found that there is an indicator called MBTI based in the study of the psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung. It's true that just 1-3% of ppl have this personality, then I laugh about how rare I can be.. I'm O- blood type and INFJ-A  and better I stop reasearching because I found that there is some advices and diets that ppl with my kind of blood should follow 
Another thing I found is a forum for INFJ ppl to we don't feel so lonely... really??? I would like to know some people like me but just to check if this MBTI indicator works and also for see if I can stand those people. Sometimes I feel i'm compatible with noone, even with Mike.

I did workout, I took a shower and had dinner. I was about to watch series but it's late now and very cold. I took a pill for anxiety with my coffee lol. Now it's time to go bed and sleep under my new warm blanket 
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