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 Another busy and boring day at work. Although I'm very tired because last night I slept just 4 hours, I forced myself to do workout when I got home. Butt and legs hurt so it means I'm going the good way  I'm trying to do push up but it's a torture for me  I can't understand why it's so hard for me and why make all my back, neck, arms hurt. I should ask to Robert from LJ, so Robert if you are reading this entry let me know please.

Dinner was latte with cheese shandwich. I was about to watch Series on Netflix, I should continue watching Prison Break before they remove the seasons 1 to 4, but now I feel like playing Magic Duels. Wanna earn more coins to buy cards and make a deck there. 

Btw, today Wizard release the new set of Magic cards "Amonkhet" Preview:  264 new cards. And this year they will release 4 more sets... I can't wait till go to Coliseum of Comics or any store with Mike to get it.
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