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 I'm having hard time with anxiety. My plan was take the rest of the day for relax since today I worked. But nope, I can't. My mind loves messing with me. I decided to continue watching Prison Break but after 3 minutes I needed to do some workout while watching series to not feel I waste my time. Since I did workout at Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'm tired so I just could do 100 squats with side leg raise.
I lied on the bed and watched 2 more episodes while it bothers me for not doing something productive with my time. I had a crisis and had to take half pill. I hate taking pills, I should be able to control myself without any medicine, it piss me off so much and stress me more. My mind will be useless for the next hours and beats per minute started going down ... a waste of my time

I'm cooking something to eat because I didn't have lunch. Mike is playing Lineage but I don't want to join him. I feel I'm done with that game. He's playing my toon trying to improve it but I don't let him spend more money on this... if we sell our items and toons we can earn more than 5.000 usd for sure. Not sure what I'll do after dinner.
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