_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

I said no to meeting up for coffee! :O

 At Sunday my ex talked to me on facebook's chat. We didn't talk since months. I'm never friend of my ex's after breaking up to avoid feeling uncomfortable if they try to have sex again. Alexis is the only ex bf I keep on touch because he's the only who didn't cheat me. He's a good person but our relationship didn't work because he's 11 years older than me, and this is not only age difference, but maturity. I know.... I should ask to men their age before start datting them!!!! but I always forget  Michael is 8 years younger than me... at least this time I pick a kid instead a baby 
Coming back to the topic, my ex told me he was near my home and asked to go to drink coffee. I made an excuse and said I can't. To be honest I would like having some social life, but I feel he still want sex with me, because when we talk he flirts, and this make me feel uncomfortable.This is way I stoppend hanging out with him and this is way I'm not friend of my exs
Tags: men
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