_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,


I'm in my coffee break at work. What I like about my job is that I never work on holidays. That is great! My schedule is always the same, it never changes and i don't work at night because we are closed at 6pm :)
I dont have to deal with costumers. They dont come to our offices. My boss is never behind me controlling what I do. There is nobody who check what I do with my computer also. They pay my salary always on time and all the contributions to the state, health service, etc. Whatever I say I need for work, they will give me... a new computer, desk, chair or cellphone.
If I see a course I can do and wich helps to improve my skills they will pay it for me. When a holidays is on Friday or Monday they usually give us the Saturday off.
Isnt so bad, right?
Tags: work
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