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Soul age

 Michael watched a documentary about age souls. I've never thought if we have or not souls, I think we have smt, doesnt matter how it is called. I dont need get names for this. He asked me what age my soul is then I researched about that to see if this sound reasonable or not.
So if those things about the soul is true, I feel I'm between stage 4 and 5 which means... what is mean? I don't know :)
It says I'm looking for a person to share the rest of my life with. I'm looking for the truth, I'm looking for someone to teach what I know before leave this stage. I'm in the spiritual stage. Maybe I'm about to leave stage 4 to enter completely to stage 5 because this about spiritual needs is a little new for me. It started 6 years ago when I got 33 years old. I've tried to find this in the church and I also was baptized... yes, at the age of 33, but I didn't find the answers I was looking for. 

I got a little depressed with all those things about souls because old souls are solitaries but if I think about that, it doesnt means that they are single. I wonder... if I'm an old soul why I end involved with people who seems have younger soul than me? Why I dont look for another old soul who will understand me 100%? is this because I need to find someone to teach what I know? Do I know some truth that other people still don't know? I don't feel that, I'm not "superior"... just different, so I'm not sure about all those soul things.
I won't get stressed for this and I don't want that a text define what I am. I set my own limits and I believe there is not limits for me if I really want to get something, even a soulmate. 

I have read a detailed document on Spanish but If you want to read a summary on English about soul age you can read www.michaelteachings.com/soul_age_index.html

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