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I'm a witch

 There is a coworker who time to time comes near home after work then he takes me home. Yesterday when we were leaving work I was messing with him when I said: You should take me home!!!! so he told me he was not coming to this place. I replied to him: oh well.... you will get a flat tire! 
The guy said "come on, don't be mean" ... I'm not mean, I said, if I were mean I would say that you are going to crash your car, but I just said you will get a flat tire! 
This morning I got the bus then I saw him there.... OMG... what are you doing here???? I asked. What happend with your car????' 
It took a minute to the guy replied, he was so serious. He said: what do you think that happend? Someone hits my car from behind when I was stopped at the traffic light, and to make it worse there were 2 or 3 cars in front of me so I hit those cars... my car is badly damaged. 
I was speechless. I feel so bad about what I said yesterday! I know this is not my fault but fuck... it is the second person from my work I say something bad joking and then it happens!! And of course my coworkers now call me witch 
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