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 I'm working on my website. It's almost done and it will be online this week I think. I'll improve some sections after it be online but so far the website looks pretty decent. 
The project manager is already working and I found it very useful. I also use it to organize the App project with Michael, we are going to make a game for cellphone  I take it easy because I need to learn mobile app design and Michael needs to learn the code to write it. Of course for him it's easier because he is programmer. Yesterday he started to teach me basic programmation, I like studying it with him.

So, I'm doing few courses same time: HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, React and basic programmation. I signed for a course of "Advanced web programmer" in the Technological University which starts in October. It cost $350 and they give a legal certification. In this course I will learn: PHP, MySQL, XML, JSON, Security, errors, Injection SQL, MVC, frameworks, Javascript, JQuery, Jquery UI, Ajax, AngularJS, AngularJS 2 and NodeJS. I don't know if my brain can learn all those things but I'll try. 

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