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Oh god I am so tired and stressed. It was a very long day doing everything alone at work. The day started with the new sales manager calling me to tell me next Monday he is coming to the office to I teach him to use our ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) and he wants to know what ideas or projects I have to organize our work. My idea is that him and my boss tell me how we will work and what they want of me. 
I told him I am alone in sales department trying to do my best while I wait for new orders 
I really have too much to do this week: 2 biddings which end this Wednesday, calculate sales commissions of the actual sellers, do all the quotes, segment the email database of our company, etc. plus my boss changed her mind one more time and today she asked me to calculate the commissions of the seller who left us, including open sales. This last pissed me off... I wish she stop being so unstable.

At midday I was really stressed so I went for lunch. When I came back to my office , the smelly guy comes in, belching, sat down in a chair and fell asleep then he began to snore for almost 1 hour 

I tried to keep calm, something that is harder every minute that I am at work, so I went to the kitchen to have a cup of coffee till he woke up and left my office.

3 p.m. I could continue working on the more important bidding I got since I am working there, which is very hard to do because they ask for a lot of information and I have a lot of costs to calculate. Then new sales manager called me again, this time to talk about a quote I sent to another seller for rent tools. He wanted asked me few questioans, and every time I opened my mouth to reply his question he started talking over me. 
The first time he did it I thought he had delay in the phone line, despite this sound weird... but he did it again.. and again... and again... at this point I didn't stop talking to see if he stops interrupting me but nope, he continue talking over me and loudy. I got pissed as fuck because I feel this is disrespectful so the next minutes at phone I just replied ok... ok... ok.

When my coworker came back to the office I asked him if sales manager has some issue with his cellphone line and I explained to him what happened. He told me "You must get used to it because he does that all the time, even talking face to face"  Then the girl who works with me said "ya... he does it to me too and never listens what I say" So I wonder how I will work from a distance and comunicate with a person who doesnt listent to others and how will he organize the company in this way... 
I know myself enought to know if next week when he comes to our office he does this one more time to me I will tell him to just sent me an email if he is not going to hear other people and do a monologue always. 

So this was my shitty day at work, and at least until Wednesday this will be like today.

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