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 Yesterday I finally get done the document I was doing for the bidding. This has 30 pages!!! of course the days I worked on it everybody need something of me. I made them all wait until today, even my boss, but she is very satisfied with my work, she didn't know it was so hard.
I am satisfied too, but not happy because I feel nothing I can do at work will do any difference.

Sales manager is so lost and my boss is not yet able to plan or anticipate things. My coworkers spend most of the day watching videos, talking, eating or fucking around instead do their job, 2 associate sellers are still stealing sales and they also desappear the whole week to avoid to face my boss who traveled to their province to talk with them, and I feel more like looking for a new job instead waste more time there.

I am very pissed, people from my country is so mediocre and lazy. One of my coworkers who works in the company since 10 years ago, the man who sleeps at work and is always outside smoking or in other office talking with people, we can't make him do his job. All the tasks we give to him he doesn't do, he forget it for weeks then when someone claims he gets mad. This man doesn't do his job because is speculating if he gets fired my boss has to pay to him so much money, even he told me his intention to take legal actions. To be honest he is a cancer in the company and everybody is agree about this. Excellence does not exist here...

So Yesterday after work I was so stressed that I fell asleep. When I woke up at 9 p.m. I couldn't get up. My legs and arms were numb. The hernia from my back and my cervical hurt as hell although I am not doing workout this week. This took me 1 hour to can stand up. Today it was another long day at work because I had to do all the tasks I didn't do the last 3 days. And I didn't finish yet. 

I'm a little delayed with my courses but still doing it. I started to read a book about Javascript and jQuery, it looks cool.
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