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 I keep waking up between 3.30 to 4.30 a.m. and of course, feeling tired and lack of energy all day long. This is the third week that I can't do workout and barely I can study a lesson time to time. In this way all my goals are delayed.
To make things worse, it's September and just 3 days left to spring, which means... allergy! Today I woke up with swollen eyes and they itch so much. The skin on my chest is red and hurts but it  could be stress because it looks more like urticaria than allergy.

Anyway I'm trying to be positive, or at least to feel less depressed. Really piss me off to waste my time feeling bad so long. Yesterday I did my hair and my nails even I didn't feel like doing that but I think it helps to feel less miserable. I wanted to do workout today but really I have no energy at all, so I'm using the stationary bike while I write this. My day at work was quiet so I did some exercises of the programming course. Now I can make a program to calculate the area of a triangle so I am one step closer to work on Silicon Valley  

News about my stupid job: an ex associate seller who left us last month (who stole money with ex sales manager)  sent a telegram today threatening to start a lawsuit to my boss, saying that he was employee since 2011 working for a real salary of... 26.000 usd monthly!!! WTF, he didn't get that money even stealing us.
I really can't understand why my country is full of fucking monkeys like this. We have all the contracts he signed every year like our partner so it seems easy to us to prove that he was not employee but just a partner. He also sent us an invoice every month for his commisions so I'm pretty sure there is no way for him to makes a judge believe that he was not a partner and I think he fucked it up saying he earned too much money... noone will believe that. Of course my boss needs spend time and money in a law to answer to him and to defend her company. I got sick when I read the telegram today, I feel I won't ever have an healthy work.

I'll try to study a little more then sleep.
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