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Saturday we had a training at work about the torc machines we sell. This made me moody because the instructor is the guy who smell bad because is lack of hygiene so we had to keep the door of the room open and it still smelt as hell. Of course he did a lot of bad jokes as usual and made the lesson longer than it should be. He took more time to explain about what a screw is, how does the force work with physical formulas, what kind of material and types of screw exist, and when he had to talk about the machines we sell he almost explained nothing 

For people who is not a technical, like me and other coworkers, we learn nothing so I will start reading all the documents I have about the machines and how they work to can give information to customers if there is not a seller to do it.

There is another training that sales manager wants I take, about maintenance of the machines and spare parts.... he also sent a list of a lot of task he wants I do and those tasks are about marketing, SEO and design. Pretty sure this week I will ask for pay rise because what I do is not just "administrative tasks" anymore.

When I was coming back home I looked at shop windows when I saw some shoes with square heels. Weather is not so hot yet for those shoes and I was not thinking about buy something at all, but I can't help. This is so hard for me to get comfortable high heels shoes that I enter to the store and bought 2 pair of shoes. I got 20% discount because I paid by cash   

I cleaned the house and cooked the zucchini souffle or whatever you want to call it. I was still moody and about to do nothing else but I fought moodiness doing 1 hour bike and studying programming. I solved an exercise in a different way that the instructor did, it was interesting. I did some SEO tasks on a website then I went to bed and checked IG until fall asleep.

I woke up 6 am and I felt asleep again. I woke up again at 10 am but I felt asleep one more time and I had a dream about Michael. This woke me up and I didn't want sleep more although I felt sleepy, weak and tired. I was still moody, more than yesterday because the dream I had, and I felt like doing anything at all. 

Anyway I forced myself to do 1 hour workout then I ate fruits and cereals. I took a shower, I did my beauty rutine and I updated a website. 
After dinner I did 30 min bike (well, I'm doing while I write this).

This is my progress this week

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