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Very long day. Weather was very hot, 78+ and sunny. I felt very down all day long. I really didn't want to work today, I'm very tired of the people there, the depressing place without natural light and bad smell, tired of all the stress and complaining and mostly tired of the mediocrity of the people I work with. Anyways I did my job. Sales manager keeps adding more task for me  and he still doesn't know how much I am doing.
I don't know how I have energy when I get home to do workout and to study many things. ...

Yesterday I got mad at myself because I could not figure out how to do an exercise of programming. The instructor always explain a new topic then he does some exercise to practise it. So I started to solve the exercises before watch him how he does it. I tried to solve this fucking exercise for 2 days then i gave up and watched the video with the solution... Well, in the video he explained more new things so it was going to be difficult I get it done before watch the video but still piss me off I was not smart enough to figure it by my own 

I feel good about my progress with workout. I can feel the results of my perseverance (and see some of them). My abs are getting strong and I lost 1 cm on my legs and waist. Body starts to look toned. Despite my tiredness I am doing workout 3 at week and stationary biking every day.

Today I looked what I got with the Amazon Prime Account to see if it worths to keep or it does not. I looked for the free ebooks that is the only I can use and added some tittles but to be honest there is nothing very interesting so mostly I added free programming books

The free  2 hours delivery or even 2 days doesn't work for me, all I buy I have to send to Michael's address then wait until fly to USA to get it so it doesn't matter how many days it takes to get the order. The free ebooks are not good titles and I can also download better free books on internet. 
The free music? well I listen music just time to time so it is meh for me. Audiobooks... I wanted that but it is not free, that service cost 15 usd monthly and they give you 1 credit every month... and probably the elegible tittles will suck like books titles so I won't pay for that service and prolly I won't keep the Prime service as well. So it seems that the only good reason to pay for the services is to get fast delivery if you live in USA.

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