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Health app

 I found in Samsung Store an app to track my activity which is very very complete, I love it! It's called Samsung Health and it tracks better than Google Fit the step I walk. There I can track my sleep hours, eating, workouts, the cup of coffee I drink, the glass of water, etc. You can also set goals and join training programs. Everything for free .
It shows where I walk, distance, calories burned, longest activity time, speed, and other info. If you want you can add images and notes to the walking entry.

I'm very interested in the option to track my eating. I know it is bad although I do not eat junk food. I can search every food, snack, drink I have in the list and also choose in the different varieties of any item. It will count the calories and nutrient it has and track it. My nutrient balance is very bad by the way. It recomend for my profile 1700 Cal so let's see if this changes when it tracks all my activity. 

About my sleep I set a goal of 7:30 hours that I know I won't get for now because there is so much I want to study, learn and to do. 

Yesterday after work I had some things to do so I walked more than usual and I did 15k steps or more because I installed the app after left work, which means it could not track the steps I did at morning. I came back home after 9 p.m., ate pizza and went to bed to waste my time on instagram. I wanted to work but i felt very tired because walking so much.

There are my records from yesterday:

I felt asleep by 3 am and woke up this morning at 10.30 hours. I had to go so I compared my walking in both applications and this is what they say: Google Fit shows I did 7165 steps and walked 5.09km, Samsung Health shows I did 9108 steps and walked 6.85 km. I already knew that Google fit miss steps because I checked it counting by myself the steps I do in a block and comparing it with the appl. I checked if Samsung app miss steps and it doesn't miss, maybe few steps until the app detect that I started to walk but it is not a big difference. 

I joined a circuit training called Muscle Endurance Building, for 3 days in a week with a duration of 14 min daily. The application shows how to do the exercises with a video. I like it.

So far I am very pleased with this application and all its fuctions and rewards system is a good motivation to keep you in movement.
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