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For some reason here it's Cyber Monday today so I looked what they are selling. There is not any good deal about fly tickets, that was my main interest

The only thing I really want now is a tablet but I won't buy one yet because Michael said he wants to give me one for my birthday. I don't know if he will but I don't want to ruin his plan. I bought a scale to track my weight and see if the diet works. i'll also take pics of my body to see if there is some change.

There is the scale I bought

It also has body fat measurement. They will deliver it tomorrow. Another think I bought are small wood speakers for my computer because I got tired of my big and old speakers and I wanted a new one. I don't use them so much, just to watch the videos of my courses and time to time to watch movies or series on Netflix so I got the cheaper one, it cost less than 12 usd normal price 

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