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 On Friday and today I had training at work. This was sales training and the speaker was sales manager, what a waste of time! Something I realized is that this guy takes the ideas of other people (even MY ideas) and talk like if these are his ideas ... annoying. I saw he had a presentation in powerpoint with a diferent design that the powerpoints we use, and he pretends he did it. While we were in the trining I realized that his presentation has a lot of mexican words... he got that powerpoint from the people who trained him on Mexico, what was his need to lie about it??? 

Another annoying thing was that he talked a lot of bullshit about all the work that company and workers are doing since always like if we all are retards, and how he had to learn everything by himself because we trained him in a wrong way. There in his presentation was the daughter of my boss who is owner of the company also. Sales manager talked to the new sellers too much about our internal problems and he also explained to this girl some things that her mother "are not able to understand". The situation was very uncomfortable but he didn't realize, he felt like a winner and talked a lot about all what HE did alone and how things are changing now that he is the new manager  In some point of all his bullshit I told him "stop with ur catharsis" but he didn't got my point. 

When we had a break for lunch, boss' daughter called him and told him to stop talking about company internal issues because that topic was not relevant to train the new sellers. It seems hurted his ego then he comes to ask to me what I thought he was doing with the training... I told him, if you are trying to scare off sellers and make them leave, you are going good! You should teach them in sales cycle and process instead to talk about all the problems we had or we have. He was not happy.

Anyway he didn't stop talking bullshit the rest of the training so in some point I stop paying attention and I lose myself inside my mind. When he done, it was my turn to teach new sellers to make a quote in our software system, something that sales manager still doesn't know, and obviously he leave the room... I asked him where he going and if again he will try to avoid to learn it, he said he was coming back in few minutes but of course he didn't, to again the only one who can make quotes is me 

Today he did a short training and of course asked me to be there (I don't know for what). Again he used a powerpoint from Mexico company and it was a waste of my time. After it I went back to my office and my coworker show me an email with an offer for other job, it means maybe he will leave us before end of year. We both feel that my boss is doing same mistake over and over, hiring the wrong people without experience for the position they will get. I started to see for new job too.
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