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Saturday was not a productive day. I worked until 1 pm as usual then I went to the natural store and bought rice cakes, adzuki beans and mung beans. I never ate those beans before so I wanted to try since they are on my diet food. After that I went to the green grocery but they had just few vegetables. I came back home and ate fish with pumpkin then I took a short nap because I was really tired.
When I woke up I tried to design but all I did was crap and I was thinking about coffee nonstop  At 1 am I gave up with design and went to the bed "to sleep" which ended with me watching videos on Instagram untill 4 am. 

Sunday was a better day. I woke up at noon, ate some fruits and tried to design again. This time it worked out and I could get done the cover and first pages of the catalogue. My client liked it so much and he wants I design another catalogue also. After few hours working I stopped and cleaned the house, I had dinner, then I take shower and I made my nails while doing bike and playing magic cards.. yes I'm woman I can do many things at same time  I had a very hard game which kept me awake until 2 am. I regretted about that today 

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