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Day 5

I can eat fruit again, hurrah! I woke up feeling good. I had peach, strawberries, blueberries and oatmeal for breakfast, then I get dressed and did my makeup. I left the neutral colors and chose blues and gray.  I wore pretty normal (black pants, blue chiffon shirt and high heel shoes) but many men told me compliments today looool, maybe what made me sexy was not the clothes but the positive attitude :-D 

Because last night I stayed up late playing Magic Cards on the tablet, today I felt sleepy all day long 😁 My coworker, which did literally nothing, pissed me off tapping his foot making noise. He knows I hate it so always I ask to him to stop, he does it more.

Sales manager finally gave me an answer about the pay rise I asked for. I am not sure if this is good deal or no, they offered me a % from the sales of the machines we have more sales. It is just the 0,3% so it does not sound great. I calculated that % about the sales of this year which is our worst year for sure and it was not so bad. Anyway I got a small pay rise last month and now I will get this new one so I think I will earn what I wanted. Despite the money my main goal was losing the fear to ask for it. I never asked for pay rise in none of the jobs I worked before because I was afraid to get a NO as answer or even to get fired. But this year I am learning to deal with that for grow up, the only one who can make my life fairer is me.

Morning snack was peach. For lunch I had a salad with brown rise, tomato, tuna, olives and avocado. Afternoon snack was strawberries and blueberries.  For dinner I cooked chicken with onions and sweet red pepper and I added soy sauce. I ate it with tomato and avocado.
I did not do exercises today, I am tired because yesterday workout and because it is the second day in a row that I wear high heel shoes lol
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