_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Day 7: first week done

Although it is my second week doing the diet, it is the first I do it correctly. Between parenthesis how much I lost since I started it

Body measurements:

Hips (the widest part): 38.18" (1.57")
Waist (at the level of the navel): 31.49" (1.57")
Thigh: 22" (0.39")
Arm: 9.44" (0.39")

Weight: 129.19 pounds (4.62 pouds)

I woke up at 1 pm and I ate 2 peachs, then I drank green tea and ate some rice cake. Lunch was a beef steak with zucchini and beet. I did a mistake with the afternoon snack and I ate a pear when it is not from the 3th phase then I ate celery with nut butter that I did myself! Lunch was a salad with mung beans, adzuki beans, tomato, quinoa, avocado and beet, and I also cooked sweet potatos in the oven.

There is the resume for this week

Tags: body, diet, health
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