_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Sinful Colors

It is not a secret that I love nailpolish and makeup, I have more than what I really use. One of my favorites and cheaper brand of nailpolish, Sinful Colors, has launched yesterday a new line of makeup. I tried not to fall into temptation but I could not help. 

They are selling it so far just on Amazon so I took a look at the makeup and their prices and I wanted them. The colors and textures look so great and bright. I hope this makeup worths. Just disappointed me that the blue lash mascara is not in stock, but I got the purple, also purple and blue eyeliner and a duo cream shadow. Delivery is free because I did not cancel my Amazon Prime and they offered me $5 back for the next order because I did not choose the faster delivery since I am not in USA, I am sending it to Michael so I have to wait until I go back there to get my order. 

Tags: amazon, make up, shopping
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