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Last night I went to bed and I felt something I have never felt before. My heart did 1 beat in a way I have never felt. It was like if something pushed my heart out of me, I don't know how to describe it in a best way. It was not arritmia, it was not like anything I felt before. That beat hurted because it was strong and violent. And after it I could not feel my heart beating again, but it was for sure because I was still breathing (and I am!).
I put my hand on my chest and still could not feel its beats. Then I check my bpm. I had to check it twice to be sure it was not wrong. I had just 42 bpm and i think this is the lower I registry since I check my bradicardia. I didnt feel in this way before, it was not like other times when I feel stressed nor tired, or when I took pills, it was different and freak me out to feel my body working so slowly, so down, like if it will stop anytime. 
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