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It's been a year since I moved to this house and although it's little I really enjoy more this one than the older apartment I lived. The neighbors in this building doesnt botter me, the only one I used to hear while they having sex it seems they moved the bed away from the wall, or maybe they stopped having sex, or they moved to another house, I do not care really.  The only one I hate is the people who live next to the building because at weekend they usually listen to music (crap music) very loudy.

Everything is new so nothing has been broken and it is very easy to clean the house, so I can't complain. Moving to this house was really a fresh start in my life. I changed a lot of things, no more stress, no more anxiety, depression is gone at least for now, I'm having very healthy life and habits, I'm getting many goals, and I got confidence. A lot of things in just 1 year!

I am thinking about to buy my own apartment so maybe next year I will start to see how much money they cost and what papers I need for it. 
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