_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

Black Friday

In this side of the world, Black Friday are fake. They will raise prices then offer a great discount 40% or 50% but it will be less since they already increased prices. So here nobody rush to stores to buy anything. I looked the offers and I didn't buy anything, I do not really need. I want to change my couch for a futon but I will wait since I didn't find a good offer. 

Anyway I did shopping because I got an email from one of my favorites brands of makeup and they were giving discount for Black Friday in their online store. I often buy from there so I know their real prices, the discount was good enough so I decide to buy some makeup and sent my order to Michael's house. I know I said I should stop buying makeup but I can't help!!! 

This can be funny if Michael's parents go to him house and they find all my makeup there, they will think that Michael became gay 

Tags: black friday, make up, shopping
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