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Last night I forgot to cook the lunch for today, I realized this morning when I was getting ready for work plus I was later so I was ready to have a very bad day. Michael was moody because he started the diet so he messaged me to complain about his breakfast. I told him if he doesn't get up 15 minutes earlier to make a decent breakfast he will quit this diet in less than a week. He got pissed off and he did a mistake to gave me a "Relax"  I can not help him if he doesn't help himself!!! 

Sales manager came to the office today because we hired a new seller so we need to train him. I didn't feel very social to deal with them, good for me they were busy and away from me. What makes my day better was spamming my journal with people from here, I made a huge spam and I had fun the whole day 

When I got home I forced myself to do 1 hour workout, it makes me feel good that I didit, because I was boicotting myself to let workout for tomorrow. I had dinner and I cooked the lunch for tomorrow. Probably I'll go to bed and read a little before sleep. 
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