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Another good day

I went to work and a coworker was waiting for me with a chocolate jurassic-park.jpg

Busy day but I was alone in the office most of the day. I'm happy about all the new skills I'm getting, this will help me a lot on my own project. I checked my bank account and Surprise! I got some extra money that I dind't know I was going to get, that was very nice.

I feel the muscles of my legs tired but it doesn't hurt as i expected, another nice sourprise!. As usual last night I didn't have much sleep and went I got home today I was very sleepy. Anyway I went to English Institute because I don't want miss any lesson... my pronunciation still sucks but I'm getting better to hear.

I had 3 coffees again during the day, but at night i drank tea. Let's see if I fall asleep more early today. I'll stop writing now and go to bed
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