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I am so tired! So busy this week at work that I just take 30 minutes every day to have lunch. A lot of things are going on and I am stressed, but it seems I am not as much stressed how I used to feel since I stop drinking coffee  

Yesterday was my mother's birthday so she invited me to her restaurante for some music show. When I got the resto there were a lot of her friends sitting at a large table and also her ex husband I felt very uncomfortable in the way he hugged me and told me I was very thiny and nice. I don't like him, he's a dick. I was sitting on the opposite side of the table than my mother so I could not even speak to her, in fact I just spoke with a friend of my mother who I already know The show I didn't care, I do not know new music and I do not like so much latin music. I ate grilled chicken and I came back to home at 11 pm when they were still eating. I had to cook the lunch for today so there was not time for workout or bike.

Today it was another busy day. I delivered an order I sold before go to work, then I worked all day long with comissions. Went I left work I had a celebration so I went straight from there to the school. I had to bring food to share so I bought a quince pie aware that I was going to cheat with my diet. I did it... I had 1 slice of it. It was delicious but I realized that because my diet I am not so excited about sweets like I normally am. I got home late again, I had vegetables for dinner and I did 40 minutes of bike.

Despìte my little cheats this week I have lost 2.2 pounds, I weight 125.4 pounds, I do not even remember when I was so thiny in the past. Maybe it was in my teens when I did ballet. I want to finish this week (the 4th week of my diet) and repeat it one more week but now I am not sure if I want to lose more weight. My pants don't fit me anymore, all are big, and I doubt it will be healthy to weight less than 125 pounds for someone who is 5.5ft. Anyway I have to admite that I have never felt better about my body like now, I start to feel confident and I like that 
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