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Since it's December I'm trying to get the Christmas mood. I need to get some gifts for relatives so after work I went to a store to get a diary for Martu because she wants one. Another thing she wants is a pencil case and I'll see what other things I can get for her. I also bought some bags to put gifts inside.  

I think I'll give to Flor some clothes, she needs nice clothes to use for work so it can be a useful present. As usual I have no idea what to get for my mother... she has literally everything what she needs or she wants and more so it's very hard to get something for her 

Not sure what I'll get for my sister and my niece this year although they never give anything to anyone.
I'll dress the tree this weekend, I don't know for what because nobody will give me anything except my mother if we spend Christmas together, but I like the lights.
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