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Immaculate Conception's Day

It's holiday today, a Chatolic celebration, which is the main religion of my country, called Inmaculate Conception's day. We have day off and we set up the Christmas tree.  I still do not decide what to do about the tree, I just set up it because I like the colored lights.

Last night I stayed up late reading Sherlock Holmes until I fell asleep around 2 am. This morning my stupid internal clock woke me up at 8 am and I couldn¡t sleep again  so here I am, ready to do a lot of useful things with my day.

I'll try to do some workout and stretching today. I want to check if I fucked muscles up with the electro stimulator machine yesterday. I have it since few years. I used it before then I became very very lazy and stopped using that machine (I got a profesional one and I had training to learn how to use it). This week I decide to try it again to compensate the days I can't do workout because lack of time so last night I used it. I set the power in its half capacity, it doesn't hurt nor make me uncomfortable but when I finished the session my skin was red and hot in the spot where the electrodes were.  I was afraid that I hurted my muscles but everything seems fine today, no red spots, no pain.
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