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I have not done workout for two weeks because lack of time and energy, I was doing just bike. Today I did exercises early since I woke up at 8 am and it's hot. 1 hour of legs, abs, arms then I did 30 minutes of stretching. 

After workout I had lunch then I decided to take a nap because I feel tired. I slept for 2 hours. When I woke up I tried to work on the websites but I fucked around for 2 hours reading about virtual coins. I decided that for now the best way I have to earn money is to continue working hard as I do so I started to update the website 
I worked for 4 hours on that, taking short breaks for dinner and to reply emails. The update is almost done, I just have a gallery image left to do and to add some images to a slider. Probably sales manager will want to make a lot of changes after I finish it, but I'll just ignore him 

It's hot outside and also inside the house. Right now it's 79º . The report said it was going to rain today but that didn't happen. For tomorrow it will be 92F.

Tomorrow after work I'm going to pick my new furniture . Today I washed the curtains of the living room and tomorrow I'll do the same with the curtains of my bedroom. This month I'll see what things I can throw in the trash like I did 1 year ago before to move here. I don't wanna to accumulate too many things.

I didn't set up the Christmas tree yet nor decorate the house with ligths. I want to bring the furniture first to avoid the whole house be a mess the same weekend. 
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