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Counting sheep again :(

Definitely tomorrow my body will hurts. Today was Arms & Legs day, I did as much as I can but my arms are weak and I'm fine with it. I have broad shoulders and my collar bones protude out a lil, something i thing is sexy, I don't want big muscles in my arms. So I modify some exercises to tone my arms. And I have to care it doesn't hurt my back. On the other hand I can't fix that stupid position i sleep, over my arms, wich makes me wake up too sore. I tried hard to sleeping on my back but nope, 2 min after I'm in my side again. I will research, maybe there is any technique to help me to fix it.

I like spring because the weather but it's the allergy month. I got allergic pharyngitis and also some allergy on my skin that I heal with aloe vera. I want get a tattoo but now I wonder if do it on September can be a bad idea.
There is a new goal I want to achieve... waking up early to have a decent breakfast, like yogurth, cereals, fruit, etc. instead the poor latte with some cookies. I really need more energy to can hold the workout. But for wake up early I have to go to bed early.... there is where I fail. Even days like today when Mike and me don't stay in the computer playing something together I stay awake till late losing time. Im drinking tea instead coffee at night, it supposed that has theanine wich help to feel relaxed... well it doesn't work on me, maybe I can try drinking warm nonfat milk. CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg
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