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Today I woke up early but I stayed in the bed until I fall sleep again. I woke up 2 times more then I gave up and I got up. It was 11 am. I had breakfast then I started to assemble the last furniture, the shoe storage. 
It was the harder and my hands were already crying before I started to work on this. I think I spent 3 hours on it, maybe more. This last was not so good like the rest of the things. It missed 4 screws, and the screws for the handlers are not the correct so I'll need to replace it when I can. 

I had lunch (last day of my diet!!!) then I moved the shoe storage to my room and I put my shoes inside. This is how the new furniture look:

I asked to Flor if she wants my old furniture because she doesnt have. She came to take my old nigthstand and desk. I have another furniture I want to take out of my bedroom but first I need to see where I can put the things I store there. 

Although hands were hurting as hell I didn't take a break and continued moving things around. I throw in the trash papers, old jewerly, old clothes, old makeup, old bed sheets and a lot of things that I wont use. I stopped at 9pm, I took a shower then I had dinner. After that I came to the computer and I did 50 minutes bike while writing here.

I am not so tired as I thought I was going to be, maybe tomorrow every muscle of my body will hurt, I don't know, and actually I don't care because I am very very very happy with the new furniture and how I am changing my life every day     
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