_Nat (nattalie_m) wrote,

I don't feel like writing so much this week, I am sad to see someone I love destroying herself, and I do not know how to help. At night I have bad sleep, I wake up more than twice every night, and I have bad dreams because my worries. During the day I feel tired, demotivated, I have very hard time trying to deal with all the things I have to deal with.
When I was to the church my friend used to tell me "God does not put on your shoulders more than you can handle", sometimes I believe my friend, or her God, are wrong, I wonder how many things could I hold before to lost my mind. Every person around me is destructive, this is killing me.

I did shopping almost every day trying to comfort myself since there is noone around to get support. I know this doesn't fix anything but at least I had some distraction doing it. Anyway I just bought stupid stuff, is not like I spent whole salary doing shopping.

I went to Avon Beauty Store and I bought the 2 rings, a foot cream with karite, 2 lip liners, and a parfum which I like so much. The only bad thing is that the fragance doesn't stay long on the skin and this is why it cost 1/3 of what an international parfum cost, but the smell is oriental floral with jazmine notes and I like it to use everyday.

Tags: family, feelings, shopping
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