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I had another bad night. I watched Arrow then I went to sleep at 1.30 am. After few hours I woke up but I felt asleep again until my alarm went off, then I got up, had breakfast and I was in a hurry to go to work. When I was leaving home I remembered that probably train, buses and taxis were not working as a sign of disagreement with the latest pension reform. I walked to the bus stop to find that buses were working normally. 

It was cold and raining, perfect day to feel depressed when you have problems, but I kept my mind busy with work. The facebook's ad campaign I started a week ago ended today. The advertising was not good for it but anyways it worked. We got several followers, comments, likes, etc. spending just $12   Next time I want do it seriously. Now I'm working in a campaign for Google Adwords and looking for some EAM software.

On Thursday we have lunch with my boss to celebrate the end of this shitty year. I'll prefer she gives me a bonus instead a lunch 

I came home and I felt lazy to do workout so I just did 1 hour bike. 
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