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Diet, the side effects

Yesterday after work it was raining heavily but it didn't stop me from shopping. In my defense I'll say that this was really necessary, since I did the diet none of all my pants fit me. I was so worry after I finish the diet with the side effects of eating normally again. Even though I don't eat the same things I used to eat, last 2 weeks I ate many times pizza, empanadas, cake, icecream and other junk food because the parties I had. 
I try to not get obssesed with my weight but last week I gained 2 pounds and that was not funny... plus I am not doing my workout routine, just doing bike.
Yesterday it was the lunch for work so we went all together to a restaurant which serve barbecue. It's been a long time since I ate this so I was not going to deprive myself of this delicious meat. I also had french fries (after 2 months without eating potatoes) and for dessert I chose tiramisu. I felt so fat after it but happy :) It was hard to continue working so we all were sleepy looking forward to go home.
I found a store which sell very nice and not cheap clothes, but the fabric are very good quality and the designs are modern and cool. I tried 3 different models of pants and I got one which fit me, it's perfect for me! 

I got very tired so I decided to watch series on Netflix. Someone from Michael's family decided to mess with my profile, I asked him if it was him and he said he was not, then he turned the profile back like I had it. I told him I could let the spot free if they need it and he said it was not necessary and he wanted I continue using it. Then we realized this person changed the profile again. I told him better I get my own account but he didn't want I pay another when he can give me it for free. He knows I don't need he pays anything for me and it is not like I can't pay 11usd monthly, but at this point he was yelling and bitching to his relative who was messing with us. Then I got kicked from the account and when I logged back, this person had delete my profile.  What a childish attitude!!! LOL I was not going to play that kids game with a person who never uses the account and who also could use any of the other profiles  to watch just 1 serie in a year without change anything. I don't understand how adult people don't feel ashame acting like a spoiled kid . The funny thing: it is Michael who pays the account, not his relative.  
Michael kept saying he wants I use it because it was mine, he made a new profile for me and started to add my series back but I deleted it and told him the account doesn't matter, his money I do not care at all, but he needs start facing his problems, stop trying to comfort everyone and setting bounds to other people or everybody will keeps using him and doing with him whatever they wants. He got mad because I didn't want to use it again and said I know he has issues, then he changed the password and said now nobody can use it.
I know he is hurted because he tries to be nice with everybody to get their approval but some people give a shit about him and if they can fuck him up they will do it. He also knows that, but so far he could not get a way to fix it. I don't blame him, at his age I had the same problem and it took me years to can deal with it. 
I can download the series for free from a website that a good boy from DW sent me last week (thanks marcelo), but I'm lazy as fuck to download utorrent then the episodes, and I like watching series on my tablet while I lay in the bed, so I'll get a Netflix account soon, but before do it I want take care of the courses I am doing. Today I passed the test of Digital Marketing course 

Going back to the diet topic, today when I woke up and I weight myself I was ready to get 2 more pounds. With all the flour and fat I ate last days I expected it happens, but how big was my surprise when I got on the scale and I saw my weight is lower than ever!!!  I'm 122.7 lbs, how it happend?????? 
"My name is Nat, I have the faster metabolism alive (?) "
Now I start to worry that I'm going to lose too much weight... will I need a diet to get fat? lol
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