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On Christmas I woke up at noon, still sick but at least I had some rest. I got a coffee and I went outside to watch the hummingbirds, they came often to eat so I could make videos and take pics of them. It's so beautiful that I can stay hours there looking how they fly. 



We had barbecued with salad for lunch and dessert was icecream. My sister and I cleaned the house because mom is doing very bad job at this... she is losing her glasses all the time so she clean without wear them which means she can't see what she is trying to clean 
The fridge was dripping water so I moved it to see if the drain was clogged. There were not food or garbage under the fridge but I found worms!!!  My sister cleaned it because if I do I'll throw up, I hate worms.
Although it was another 90+ hot day I went for a ride in the bicycle. I didn't get so much people around, they were in their pools or inside the houses. I didn't see anyone playing golf also. 
The air was very nice, I could smell the aroma of the trees and feel the warm wind in my skin while I was riding.
I took some pics on the way

Horses in a field on the sied of the road

There are many different animals in the place, like owls, parrot, vallenus chilensis, hares, capybaras, hummingbirds and other birds.

The owls are so lovely, while I was passing they looked at me turning its head 180º, it was funny. I got a lot of them on my way.

I did 10km on the bike, It took me 1 hour counting the times I stopped to take pics or to check my gps. I tried to went to the main lagoon but I could not find the way. 

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