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Melted... 97F

I woke up and checked the weather channel: 97F to 100F and no rain. Today it was going to be the hell.
I'm very careful with the clothes I choose to go to work and I always wear pants because one of my coworkers make me feel uncomfortable always staring at me and making comments , but it was to hot to wear pants and he's on vacations so I decided to wear a dress. Because I hardly ever wear dresses I don't have any new, I'm using very old dresses that I bough more than 20 years ago and they still fit me lol but next month I want to buy some dresses.

I am not so happy about how things are going at work. I like that I'm building a team with some of my new coworkers, but I don't like that so many things just me are able to do. Sales manager should know how to do every single things that I do but he doesn't. This week that I stayed at home 2 days because sickness they had to call me every hour. He can't even do a quote in the right way withouy my help, and that is why I couldn't to take vacations yet, even the comissions I am the only one in our company who knows how to calculate it 
I do not want to be irreplaceable, I'm not afraid that they will fire me if someone else knows how to do my work. In this way they can't control what I do, which is not good for a company and I already explained it to them. 

I did shopping today, there is nothing that can stop me! I do shopping if it is raining or to hot . Anyway I didn't get anything great, just some steel jewelry because I don't get allergy from it: a neck chain and 2 rings (they gave me one for free) 

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