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Day off

Last night I stayed up late trying to fix something with someone, we ended up again in a dead end. I got up at 2 pm feeling tired. My father was downstair at the apartment of my sister. I read the journals then I made coffee and I went downstair with my cup of coffee, looking for my sister give me something to eat. I got a chocolate pudding. I stayed there talking to dad for a couple of hours then I came back to my apartment and I read the journals again. 

I'm happy I didn't work today because it was another 97F+ day. I went outside few minutes to wather the plants and I didn't want go out the rest of the day. Despite my lack of energy, I cleaned the house. I skip the lunch which was not a good idea. I feel weak not sure if this is because all the weight I lost, the hot weather, the stress or because the sickness. I don't feel the medicine is helping at all, and piss me off that I should stop my workout for some days.

To counteract the effect of medicine, which keep me sleepy, I'm drinking a blueberry muffin coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Not sure what I'll do now, playing Magic Cards or watching series on Netflix.
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