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2017 achievements

Ok this is actually funny to make a review of my year to see that there are some months that nothing great happens to me, and I guess that's fine (and to mess with beckett404 with this kind of post lol)  so I just will do a general resume

I've been working hard the whole year both in my work and in my projects. I got pay rise twice and I earned decent money selling things from my store and with websites. Learning to value what I do is still hard but I'm working on that.

I went abroad for second time and I could afford it without get bills. I feel proud of myself for that, and because I was able to overcome all my fears and shames to try talking a language that I study by my own for 2 years and people could understand me.  I was so stupid letting my ex laugh about me and making me feel ashame for years because I didn't know English, what I could do if I studied French at school? I wont let other person make me feel small anymore.

I stopped wasting time playing Lineage and I starting to study programming languages. There is so much I need to learn yet but every single thing I learn put me closer to my goals. I wish I could have more time to study and to work on projects but I keep moving on to the right direction.

I acquired a lot of good habits improving my eating and sleeping. I lost 15 pounds, I stopped my addiction to the caffeine and the most important thing.. I got ride of anxiety!! After years and years suffering anxiety I just got ride of it.

Although I did too much shopping this year I still saved money, I need to improve it for the next year spending less money on shopping or earning more money to can continue doing both: shopping and saving money

About relationships, I feel closer to Martu than before and I can see how good she feels about that. I'm helping her to build her confidence and it's working. The rest of the people around me still so destructive as usual. 
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