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Brain death x.x

I'm having a hard day at work. There is a lot of new projects I need to lead but my brain works slow cuz sickness.
Sales Manager came back to the office today, he saw the card designs I did and he likes it very much. Then i installed the card printer to do the first test. The computer could not detect the printer, I changed the USB port but nothing... I did everything fine, I think I'm the few ppl who still read the User Guide before do anything else. After many minutes trying to find out what was the problem I decide update the driver... voila! This worked.

We will use this printer to print cards to people who finish some course of tool handling and boolting training that we do. I'm also installing and setting a e-learning plataform to our courses and working in a system to can make Certificates massively from a Data Base. Pretty nice work but I need my brain working 100%!!!
I'm trying to install some project manager in my hosting but I need research about this because it's writing using Ruby. Yes... I love making things hard to myself CpqUpRrXYAAu3jr.jpg
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