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To be or to not to be

I slept 5 hours then I crawled to work feeling tired and weak. Awful way to start the year. At noon I ate a salad then I went to the post office to send the last order I sold. It was 93F outside, a little hot but nice. I caught some Pokemons that I didn't have. 

I got just the 50% of my tasks done today.  The last hour at work was really hard to stay awake. I forced myself to not do shopping. It start to be annoying, I'm really good to manage my money but latelly I just want to buy things.... what is wrong with me???  I was about to buy a bracelet, I also went into the store. I looked all the bracelets and I also got one that I liked... I didn't buy it today but I'm afraid that this week I'll go for it.

I have this sensation, like anxiety, but it's not... I'm tired but I don't want to sleep, I want to do workout but I'm tired .. I'm not hungry but I wan't to eat...

I ate sweet cherries then I wanted something else... I got coffee with chocolate cookies 

Now I read LJ while I do bike because I feel guilty about the cookies 
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